Self-awareness, authenticity and compassion - these are the skills that today's leaders MUST possess to grow their organisations.

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Full Hearted Leadership: How Courage and Love are Reframing Culture in Times of Change at GoPro

HeartGoPro, the world’s best selling action camera company, is in the midst of profound organisational change. For years, GoPro’s was a culture of rapid growth and radical success. However, seemingly overnight the company began to face significant fiscal challenges and uncertainty.

At the upcoming Mindful Leadership Forum Michele Bousquet, GoPro’s Senior Director of Organisational Development will share how mindfulness, trust, heart, and compassion are evolving their culture from the inside out, and how being fully true to self in the workplace can provide a path to sustained resiliency.

We asked Michele to tell us more about this journey of change:

What is the essence of this story?

Michele: This story is about leading with heart. About how compassion and “heartful” leadership can positively influence culture, even when the organisational focus seems to be on financial and tangible success.

Where is the organisation currently at in its journey towards a resilient culture?

Michele: We are very much at a point in time in our journey toward renewed success. We haven’t reached a “there” and we are still faced with employee attrition and pockets of challenged morale. But we have taken steps toward change. We have built a learning and development program (called “Opportunity Lab”) that focuses on skills such as mindfulness, compassion, trust, growth mindset, and leading with heart. We are focusing on enhancing diversity, inclusion and belonging, and building a stronger culture. We are influencing the dialog at the most senior levels, and we are helping leaders balance their knee-jerk reactions to pressure of immediately focusing on “what we are going to do?!” and instead considering, “who do we want to be?” and “how should we show up each day?”

How do you hope to inspire your audience at the Mindful Leadership Forum?

Michele: I think the biggest takeaway will be inspiring leaders to have courage to be more fully who they really are in the workplace. To try things even though they may be faced with resistance, and to trust the truth of intuition. Finally, because I will share some of my own personal story of my children (two of whom have faced life threatening illnesses), I hope the audience will be inspired to consider life more fully, less in terms of whether something was a “good thing or a bad thing” and more simply as a beautiful experience – one that we can’t fully understand, but can celebrate all the same.

Hear more from Michele and other thought-leaders in Mindfulness at the Mindful Leadership Forum in Sydney, 9-10 November 2017. 


Michele BousquetAbout the Speaker

Michele Bousquet is GoPro’s Senior Director of Organisational Development.