Self-awareness, authenticity and compassion - these are the skills that today's leaders MUST possess to grow their organisations.

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Lawrence Levy – Former CFO of Pixar

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“From Silicon Valley to Pixar to Juniper, my collaboration with Steve Jobs, and why I left corporate life to study eastern philosophy and meditation”.

One day in November 1994, Lawrence Levy received a phone call out of the blue from Steve Jobs, offering him a job running Pixar, a little-known company that had already lost Jobs $50 million.  With some trepidation Lawrence accepted the position – and after a few weeks discovered that the company was on the verge of failure. Everything was riding on the studio’s first feature film, code-named “Toy Story”, and even then, it would have to be one of the most successful animated features of all time…

As we all know, Toy Story went on to break box office records and Lawrence and Steve Jobs created one of Hollywood’s greatest success stories producing Academy Award winning films like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Cars.

We are thrilled and honoured to announce Lawrence as our keynote speaker.

This fascinating talk will explore the culture of innovation, what it means for leaders to also be collaborators, and the challenges of harmonizing business and creative imperatives. Lawrence will describe the hidden costs of performance culture, and what we can do to build better, stronger, more humanistic organizations.

Lawrence is also the author of To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History. The London Sunday Times described the book as “a magnifying glass held to the small print that is needed to make magic” and the New York Times called it “enchanting.” The book is an Amazon Best Book of 2016 in Business and Leadership and A Fortune Magazine Best Book of 2016.