Self-awareness, authenticity and compassion - these are the skills that today's leaders MUST possess to grow their organisations.

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Transforming Cultures Through Mindfulness

Mindful Leadership“We live in the attention economy, and mindfulness is the foundational life and leadership skill.”

Rich Fernandez is one of the pioneers bringing mindfulness into some of the world’s biggest companies such as Facebook, SalesForce, LinkedIn, Ford and Starbucks. In this conversation, Rich shares shares his very personal journey as a young boy, through to scaling mindfulness at Google, hanging out with Eckhart Tolle and the moment he took a leap from his dream job to move from a “career to a calling”.

The clarity of his communication and integrity will help you see the huge potential work cultures have by embracing the power of mindfulness for wellbeing, innovation and engagement.

In this conversation, we explore:

  • Rich’s personal and professional mindfulness journey
  • The importance of metrics, science and data when working with large organisations
  • The role of surrender, stillness and flow in your personal life and career
  • Why mindfulness activates the best qualities in human beings and workplaces
  • The “attention economy” and why mindfulness is the foundation for how we show up in the world
  • Myths about mindfulness and why compassion is the natural uprising from mindfulness


Rich Fernandez is the co-founder of Wisdom Labs. He was the head of executive education at Google and combines nearly two decades working at organizations such as Google, eBay, and J.P. Morgan Chase with his deep expertise in cognitive psychology, human performance science and organizational systems to deliver transformational people development solutions in business settings. Rich now focuses on the science of mindful wellbeing, resilience and purpose driven performance within companies such as Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Deloitte and Starbucks.

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